Who is Helen?

I am not a robot; I'm a software developer / rock climber / artist.




Devoxx Talk

Code Projects

My Piet Generator

Climbing Board Problems

My Git Hub

Google Docs Add On

Other Stuff

An interview I did with OTIA about climbing and coding. Here

Art Projects

I like to create, currently I do quite a bit of watercolour painting, with the guidance of Lili Heller at the Trinity Arts Workshop.
Currently I am trying to reduce the number of paintings hiding in my wardrobe so if you want one hit me up.


Rock Climbing is just good fun, having a hobby/sport which requires travel is a wonderful way to see new places.

Heres a topo I made of boulders in Rocklands Wexford Topo of Rocklands

Also an interview I did with OTIA about climbing and coding. Here

Inter Web Hangouts

This is a list of links inspired somewhat by this list by Brendan Leonard

This is a work in progress

  • Tech and Programing
    1. wired.co.uk
    2. medium.com
    3. adventofcode.com
    4. baeldung.com
    5. codecademy.com
  • News and Dublin
    1. vox.com
    2. theguardian.com
    3. independent.ie
    4. https://www.fastcompany.com/
    5. dublininquirer.com
    6. lovindublin.com
    7. www.totallydublin.ie